antyodaya Anna Yojana –

 This scheme was implemented by the Indian government on December 25, 2010. The main objective of this scheme is to provide rice and wheat at subsidized rates to the very poor families of the country.

Under this scheme, 35 kg of rice per 3 rupees per kg for every poor family At the rate and 35 kg of wheat will be made available at the rate of 2 rupees per kg.

Initially, this scheme was implemented in six states of India . but later it was expanded and it was implemented in the whole country from March 2015. According to the Consumer Affairs and Food Department, more than two crore households are currently living in Deendayal Yojana For this scheme.

Every poor family who meets the eligibility conditions will be provided Antyodaya Ration Card, which will be available for PDS Is known to take the card name .

Collaborative framework at sub-district level:

As a cooperative structure at the district level either –

A Block Mission Management Unit (BMMU) will be headed by the Block Mission Manager; BMMU and will be the 5th party.       Or
There will be a team to make the project accessible to the people at cluster level (sub … block).
Members of sub-district level structures, including BMM, will be appointed from the market or through deputation.

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