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What is WordPress and what is its use –

what is wordpress

Friends, WordPress is a software script by which we can build a website by installing it on our computer or laptop. Just as Android is a mobile-based software where Android apps are developed, WordPress is a computer based software script where the website is prepared . Like the Android app, the WordPress is open source …

What is Domain Name and Hosting –

domain and hosting

Friends, if you are thinking of building a website then you would have heard about domain and hosting from anywhere, if we type the name of any website on our internet browser, then the name of this website is the domain name, i.e. The domain name refers to the name of the website. The domain …

How to Buy Domain Names and Hosting –

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Friends, as we mentioned in the previous article, what is the domain name and hosting, now you are going to buy a domain name, then read this article carefully. The domain name means the name of our website There are several extensions available in the domain name such as .com, .in, .co and it is …