How to earn money from YouTube –

make money by youtube channelFriends, with Android technology coming into the market, all people have access to android mobile and internet connection easily. Most people are interested to watch videos on the Internet, and most of them fight to watch YouTube videos .  friends YouTube Along with watching the video, we can also earn from it.

First of all, we need to make a video about a particular subject   in which we have good information. After that we will have to go to YouTube and create our channel. After the creation of our YouTube channel, we created the video channel Will have to upload . Upload our article article to upload videos to YouTube.

After uploading the video, if we need to, we need to edit our video and publish it to the Publish button. Now our video has become available to everyone on YouTube. The video will depend on the number of people watching, i.e. the more individuals see our video will be earning from YouTube.

The first time we make the channel, after a total of 10000 views, our channels and our videos start earning according to YouTube’s policy. Running through our video, due to advertising on our video, was due to advertisements.

It was the way to earn money from YouTube. for any help please comment.

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