How to hide or change footer credits of the WordPress website –

remove footer credit powered byFriends, when we install the theme in the WordPress website, after installing it, we see a credit for the theme in the meaning below which means the footer credits.

There are two methods for remove footer credit   –

The first is to hide a footer credit using a plugin. For this purpose, the plugin named ‘easy-remove-footer-credit’ is present. Installing this plugin we have to go to its edit option, the name of the footer credits on there It will change us and give it another credit as per your wish, or we can leave it empty too.

Another way of deleting a footer credit is by hiding the footer credits by editing the file. For this, we have to go to the footer.php file and open the file. After this, the href = ”     ” footer credits as described in the photo below. Find and remove the codeAfter that, we have to update the php file. This way we can remove the footer credit from the WordPress website.

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