Online application for PAN card –

Currently  PAN card is a necessary document for identification. There is a need for a PAN card at the place of government office or bank etc. Generally, to make a PAN card, we have to go to any E-Friend Center or Computer Center. It takes about a month for a fee, and fees from 200 to 300 rupees.

But one very good thing is that at present the Government of India has launched a new website from where we can apply for PAN card online. The link to this website is given below –


By visiting this website you have to click on the Apply Online button, after clicking, you will be filled with all information in the online application form with Aadhaar card. If you do not have Aadhaar card at the time of application, you will take a lot of time in the application and It will also take a lot of time to become a Pan Card .

If your Aadhaar card is made then you can apply on this website and get a fixed fee that is Rs 115/-  and can get your PAN Card at home in about 8 to 10 days at home.

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